Dott. Paolo Sala

Via Andrea Costa 73/2
40134 Bologna - Italy
Tel. +39 051 521237
Fax +39 051 550129

Registered with the Association of Certified Accountants and Accounting Experts of Bologna reg. no. 955/A.

Auditor enrolled on the national Register of Auditors under no. 51972.

Date of Birth
November 16, 1963


Areas of specialization
Certified Accountant - Auditor

Tax and business consulting and assistance.

Extraordinary transactions, also related to international groups.
Handling of transfer pricing issues.
Due diligence.
Assistance during tax audits.
Assistance during pre-litigation and litigation stages in tax disputes.
Assistance in the analysis of transnational transactions in relation to issues concerning VAT territoriality.
Assistance in the application of international agreements concluded by Italy in order to avoid double taxation of income, in relation to the taxation of income from foreign sources (dividends/interest/royalties) and the application of any withholdings due on income to be paid to foreign companies.
Analysis of issues concerning permanent establishments and actual tax residence (relocation abroad), also in light of the international agreements concluded by Italy.
Member of company Boards of Statutory Auditors.

Education and training
Secondary school diploma in business and commerce from the I.T.C.S. Pier Crescenzi vocational high school of Bologna.

Degree in Economics and Commerce (area of specialization:“professional”) awarded in 1988 by the Faculty of Economics and Commerce of the University of Bologna.

English and French

VAT registration no.